Sliced baguette with butter and local jam 4

French Ham Baked 6.00
French ham and Gruyere on a croissant, baked

Beacon Pantry Granola with local Ronnybrook yogurt 4.50
Add fresh fruit 2

Individual Egg Bake Du Jour 11 *
Served with sliced baguette, butter, local jam
Mixed greens or fresh fruit

Turkish Breakfast 11*
Hard boiled egg, Meredith feta, olives,
mixed green clotted cream, sliced baguette, butter and jam,
all served on a platter Turkish style

Smoked Salmon Plate 12 *
Locally sourced salmon, cream cheese,
red onion, capers, sliced baguette, served with mixed greens

Shaksuka 11 *
Eggs poached in a spicy smoky tomato sauce,
topped with feta cheese, served with mixed greens

Salad and Soup

Add a side of mixed greens to a sandwich or soup 3.50

Arugula 7
Organic arugula, shaved parmesan, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

Bresaola (air cured beef) 12
Thinly sliced. Served with arugula, dressed with olive oil, 
lemon juice. Finished with shaved parmesan. Served with sliced baguette

Goat Cheese Salad 12
Warm goat cheese on toasted baguette. Mixed greens, toasted walnuts

Soup of the Day (usually not vegetarian) 4/6

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Cheese Flights - 14
Choose your region and enjoy 3 of its cheeses. Accompanied by dried fruit and baguette
Add 2 types of charcuterie or pate for an additional $6
Selection changes daily

American Artisanal Cheeses
Monger’s choice

Charcuterie Board - 12
3 styles of cured meat served with olives and baguette– ask for daily selection

Pate Board - 10
Country pork pate, cornichon, Dijon and baguette

Marcona Almonds - 6


Croque Monsieur 11
French Ham, Gruyere, Bechamel, Grilled. Served with greens

French Ham 8.00
Gruyere, dijon and cornichon (also available grilled)

Prosciutto Cotto 9
Cooked prosciutto (not cured), shaved parmesan, arugula, aged balsamic

Humboldt Fog 10
Humboldt Fog (creamy goat cheese) and fig spread

Prosciutto di Parma 9
Fresh mozzarella, pesto

Fennel Salami 8
Imported provolone, roasted peppers, olive oil, balsamic

Pate di Campagne 9
Dijon and cornichon

Serrano Ham 9
Manchego and fig spread

Grilled Cheese 7
Signature blend of our artisanal cheeses

Fresh Mozzarella 7 

Tomato bruschetta 7

Jambon Beurre 8
French ham, butter

Bresaola 10
Air cured beef, arugula, shaved parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice



Picnic-Party DelEctAbles

Going away for the weekend? Have tickets to a performance at Boscobel? Let us prepare a bag of specially-selected items for you. Just give us a budget and we’ll hand select a bag of treats for you to enjoy for your special occasion.

Weekly Specials